Friday, October 28, 2011

What Animal are You ?

One of the more interesting activities at this year's LIM was from Stefan Swanepoel who delivered a keynote based on his book "Surviving the Serengeti". He used animals from the Serengeti as a metaphor for personality traits, under the theory it's a bit easier to internalize than some of the other tests like Meyers-Briggs or any of the many personality tests.

During his talk, he gave us the link and asked us to take the quiz (he even encouraged us to whip out our iPhones to do so).

He also made it an interesting networking opportunity: he had placed bookmarks with various animals on them, and asked us to use them as trading cards to get our own animals. As you may have guessed because we're all volunteer leaders, certain animals were more common than others (I was surprised by how many were Crocodiles, which was what I turned out to be).

The test is free, use it as an icebreaker with your team. Let us know what animal your are, and how well you think it suits you.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Pace of Change

The only thing that is certain not to change is that things will change.

I often find myself very grateful for this adage, since as a project manager, the thing that keeps me employed is mostly change. For the most part, a project is done because something is being changed.

For instance a construction project is building something new, changing a structure, or tearing something down. Software is changing something to fix, make it better, or creating something that's never existed before.

We are transforming PMI SFBAC to better serve you and to grow the value of the community to you as an individual.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Project Management Institute

We've been busy working on our ability to communicate with the community more effectively, including establishing several new pages that will be updated by leaders in the community.

The most immediate change is that we've changed the links to all of our pages on Blogger to be part of the domain. These can be found on the "Connect" link on our home page at along with other interesting links.

These PMI SFBAC branded items are:
  1.  Chapter - - You're reading this one now, it will have general updates from the Board of Directors and information that may be useful.
  2. Chapter History - - A blog that contains posts about our long history as a PMI chapter.
  3. Chapter PMO Blog - - A blog that contains posts about all things related to Project Management Office, including insights about how we are running the chapter's own PMO.
  4. Chapter Green Blog - - A blog about the chapter's green initiatives, and things of interest to the green community.
We've also been busy integrating all of these things with our social media efforts, so look for posts that come directly from the work being done on these various Blogger sites.