Monday, September 26, 2011

The Pace of Change

The only thing that is certain not to change is that things will change.

I often find myself very grateful for this adage, since as a project manager, the thing that keeps me employed is mostly change. For the most part, a project is done because something is being changed.

For instance a construction project is building something new, changing a structure, or tearing something down. Software is changing something to fix, make it better, or creating something that's never existed before.

We are transforming PMI SFBAC to better serve you and to grow the value of the community to you as an individual.

So in the spirit of change, I've been hard at work with my team on improving the infrastructure that the leadership team for PMI SFBAC uses to create value for our community.

I've cleaned up some internal things (like moving the blogs under the PMI SFBAC branding), and have been working diligently to get our teams to communicate better internally.

And now we're working on finding better ways to manage how we communicate what is going on to you. Part of that effort is things like this blog.

Other parts are things like our new Meetup site ( where you can suggest events that PMI SFBAC should have, and EventBrite ( where we'll be posting events for the calendar.

One of the benefits of these changes is that we've been able to set things up to automatically notify you about things that are happening, and help make it easier to interact with social media as well.

The thing about change is it is always too fast and too slow at the same time. If you're waiting for a change, it's taking too long. If you aren't prepared for the change, it's too fast.

Look for more changes, and let us know what you think of the ones we're making - too fast, too slow ?

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