Friday, October 28, 2011

What Animal are You ?

One of the more interesting activities at this year's LIM was from Stefan Swanepoel who delivered a keynote based on his book "Surviving the Serengeti". He used animals from the Serengeti as a metaphor for personality traits, under the theory it's a bit easier to internalize than some of the other tests like Meyers-Briggs or any of the many personality tests.

During his talk, he gave us the link and asked us to take the quiz (he even encouraged us to whip out our iPhones to do so).

He also made it an interesting networking opportunity: he had placed bookmarks with various animals on them, and asked us to use them as trading cards to get our own animals. As you may have guessed because we're all volunteer leaders, certain animals were more common than others (I was surprised by how many were Crocodiles, which was what I turned out to be).

The test is free, use it as an icebreaker with your team. Let us know what animal your are, and how well you think it suits you.